We made it. Hard to believe but we’ve started not only a new year but also a new decade. And, as that clock rolled over from 11:59 to midnight, a lot of us began to think about what we can do to improve our lives in 2020. Healthier lifestyles are often one of the first things to come to mind for many of us (after organizing the dang garage, I mean, come on, we still have boxes in there from the last move…)

As we ignore those boxes (again) and focus on healthier eating, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the “diets” out there and the quick fixes and magic shakes and elixirs that are going to undo all the Christmas candy we binged on last month. Sometimes it’s better to have a plan, set up by professionals who know what they are doing, that is proven to work. Enter the Evolve 45-day Keto Challenge. That’s right! We are back with a brand new challenge to start this fantastic new year. This challenge has it all: snacks, meals, a Facebook support group, discounts and more. Our Keto challenge is just the kick-start you need to start making healthier choices this year. This Keto plan will help your body learn to burn fat for energy instead of carbs .This will literally have your body using all that excess fat you’ve been storing for winter so that by the end of the 45 days you will see a difference. Weight loss is the most common side effect of the Keto plan. If you add in exercise, which you should, then you should start gaining muscle as well.

For this challenge you will get 2 snacks, lunch and dinner provided. Your carbs will be limited to 25 each day. But with our awesome meals, you shouldn’t miss them. After about 3-5 days of eating our plan your body will officially enter ketosis and start using fat for fuel. We also recommend intermittent fasting from dinner until your AM snack, 16 hours of fasting to 8 hours of eating. Although not required, this will really help your body use your reserves for energy. This will throw everything you know about how you are “supposed” to eat on its head.

So much of a healthier lifestyle is getting your head in the game, so to speak. And this plan provides the supports needed to get your whole self on board. We have a private Facebook group just for participants so you can reach out when you have questions or need support. It’s a challenge, which helps you stay excited and look forward to the results. And it is time limited to 45 days, which gives you a calendar date to input to feel success.

Don’t worry though, your new healthy lifestyle doesn’t end at that 45-day mark. This challenge is just your first step. Love it and want to sign up for another challenge? We’ve got you covered with a 2nd one starting toward the end of February. Done with challenges but absolutely NOT done with living your best life? Then just transition from the challenge to Evolve delivery or pickup for your meals and choose to stick with Keto or switch to Paleo for something different yet still great for you. Feeling like you can take the training wheels off, you’ve got this? Fantastic, follow our blog and get meal idea suggestions and pop in when you can for snacks and meals on the go.

Visit our challenge page and fill our the form today! One of our challenge coordinators will call you back to get you signed up! Because remember if you aren’t challenged, you aren’t changed!

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