Sugar detox

We’ve all been there. It’s December. You need to bring cookies for a school party that parents are “welcome to attend.” Work is having a “treat day” and John brought in donuts too. Your friends are hosting an appetizer party. Family is coming over for a cookie exchange. How, with so much abundance of sugar and spice and everything nice, are we supposed to maintain healthy eating this month?

Evolve has your back. We can make it through these next 4 weeks with our healthy lifestyle in tack. There are many strategies we can use to avoid sugar overload during the holidays. First, plan ahead. If you know it is treat day at work, eat a great healthy breakfast (try our hearty Keto Protein Slam or Breakfast Sausage Hash) in advance and pack your healthy lunch (maybe our filing Burrito Bowl or Spinach Artichoke Chicken Pasta). This way you aren’t starving and really tempted by all the treats. When your coworker comes over and insists you try her homemade chocolate-covered sugar crisp from Grandma’s recipe, it’s ok. Take a small serving and enjoy it. Just don’t go back for seconds or fill a whole plate.

When you are invited to the cookie exchange, don’t feel the need to avoid going just to maintain your healthy eating. Eat a good meal before you go (BBQ Bacon Wrapped Chicken anyone?) and then go and enjoy. Instead of cookies, how about bringing some Keto Blueberry Fat Bombs or Double Chocolate Paleo Balls. Whether you buy them from Evolve or make them at home, your friends and family will appreciate the variety added to the gathering and you can indulge with no guilt.

Worried about filling up on all the goodies when you go visiting? Strategize as you walk into the kitchen and take in the offerings. Look for the veggie trays first. Can you get some celery or cherry tomatoes to start out with? Is there a charcuterie board? That’s another great stop. Fill your plate with some meats, cheeses, olives and peppers. How about deviled eggs? Those are a great splurge. Once you have a plate full of all these perfectly paleo palette pleasers then you can happily graze from it as you work the room and chat with your family. No one will question why you aren’t eating or enjoying yourself because you will be.

The holiday season is tough for sugar avoidance, but with some simple advance planning and ways to navigate through the endless parade of food this time of year, you can make healthy choices while still partaking in the best parts of the month. Don’t avoid gatherings because you are afraid of what to eat. Go in with a plan and have a small serving of pie or candy if you really want to. Life is a balance and you know you can keep on track.

Need a little extra help staying on track this holiday season, sign up for our Keto Challenge. We will provide all the help you need to not only stay healthy during these months of indulgence, but to actually lose weight. Our challenge gives you snacks, lunch and dinner; an exclusive Facebook group to share successes and struggles, and 50% off all our in-store supplements. It lasts 45 days, so it will get your new year started off right! Do you want to kick start your weight loss and keep motivated through the holidays? This is the challenge for you. 

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