Ok honesty moment, hands held high. WHO ELSE is NERVOUS starting??

Hello my name is Sarah and I’m a sugarholic, did I mention I love carbs too? I’m the new digital marketing guru at Evolve Juicery and Kitchen. So what better way for me to understand our product and brand than entering the Keto Challenge week 2 of starting my position. But then people started throwing out terms like Ketoflu?? W-T-F have I gotten myself into. I have done the Whole 30 and had sugar detox, but no one ever said flu. So I began to be a little nervous. Then I got the first glance at the menu, and I became increasingly more excited. Gyro Burgers, Salami and Olives, Egg Salad, FAT BOMBS, these sound like my type of foods.

Start of Day 1

I ate the last of my carbs for 45 days late last night (do NOT recommend this with our intermittent fasting). Which was silly since I practiced intermittent fasting most of the summer and loved the results and the extra energy level I had. So I didn’t get to start eating until almost noon, and I was STARVING! But the Pumpkin Fat Bomb and DELICIOUS Pork Benny (YEA BRUSSEL SPROUTS!!) kept me full through work. I ate my PM Snack on the way home, and had decided to not eat later than 6:00pm so I wouldn’t have to wait so long in the AM. What has made me believe that I can do this process, is everything I have eaten is simply DELICIOUS! Nothing I could make myself, would taste this good. This really is Meal Prepping made easy!

It’s exciting to have a support group to discuss tips of what they love and works. I will make sure to cover some Keto Flu tips, beating the cravings, and anything else I learn. So that we can all follow along on each others journeys on Instagram. Please use the hashtag #ievolve (as we are all evolving through this Keto process) and tag us in your photos!

It’s 9:30 and I’ve watched The Voice and played 15 rounds of Uno with my daughter (rain rain go away). Hoping to get a run in the morning. But excited to try Day 2’s food!



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