What is The KDFPCF stand for on my food?2020-09-09T14:52:34-05:00

Kentucky Derby Festival Portable Composting Facility.. or Calories (K), Dietary Fiber (DF), Protein (P), Carbs (C), Fat (F).

Does coffee with a splash of cream end my intermittent fasting?2020-09-09T14:52:07-05:00

Technically speaking, anything with a nutritional value will end your fast. However, if a splash of cream gets you through so you don’t feel like eating until noon, give it a try. BE MINDFUL that even a splash of anything has calories, so measure what you pour.

Can I still have my protein shake? It says Gluten Free on the label.2020-09-09T14:51:13-05:00

There are lots of shakes that are keto-friendly on the market, but they still have a carbohydrate amount. We even have one that we make here! If you have one, it should be uses as a complete meal replacement, and not in addition to the food we send. That could very well be too many carbs for any given day.

Are Keto Donuts real? How many can I have?2020-09-09T14:50:12-05:00

They’re as real as you want them to be, but anything that is packaged and labeled with the words “KETO”, probably aren’t keto-friendly. Check your labels, check your labels, check your labels. If you see sugar in ANY of it’s fancy versions, it isn’t safe.

What exercise works best with Keto?2020-09-08T23:48:07-05:00

Any exercise that you’re used to doing, but one of our favorites is anything with a kettle bell. When you’re in ketosis, start slow and work your way towards doubling the time you are used to exercising. The first few days may be a little hairy for you as your body is adjusting to its new fuel source – but give it time and you should notice that you have more stamina than you’ve had in the past!

Will alcohol ruin everything?2020-09-08T23:47:09-05:00

Alcohol itself is not inherently “bad”. The decisions you can make after a night of drinking could be bad (Taco Bell, anyone?). Chef Caleb’s fave go to when he’s on a Challenge is 1 oz of tequila, the juice of one lemon and one lime. Clear spirits and dry red wines are your safest bets. Be smart, don’t get rip-roaring drunk until after the Challenge, but keep living your life.

How do you go about reintroducing carbs or a whole food diet and not gain your weight back?2020-09-08T23:43:12-05:00

Fun fact: Once you start to reintroduce grains (or sugar!) back in to your diet, you are going to experience weight gain and possibly inflammation. There’s no two ways around it. In the perfect world, those never make it back on to your plate. You’ll learn what you can and can’t tolerate very quickly based on how you feel after eating.

How long should I stay on a keto diet?2020-09-08T23:42:15-05:00

Stay in a nutritional state of ketosis for as long as you feel like! Some people have done Challenges back to back for YEARS, and some people only do the 21-Day Blitz during the Holidays. There’s no right or wrong answer here. You do you!

Q: If you slip up, is it hard to get back in to ketosis? What is the best way to get back on track?2020-09-08T23:40:03-05:00

We all have birthdays, weddings, and bad days at work. Slip ups are inevitable and you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it. Intermittent Fasting, or a High Intensity Interval Training workout (HIIT) will be the quickest ways to get you back in the saddle!

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