So we are ending week one and man, that was some amazing food! I can’t wait to see what’s on next week’s menu!!

The second part of week one has been great. Day 3 was a struggle, but I think that is common as when I have done the Whole 30 in the past, that day was the worst struggle with withdrawal. For the first few days I seriously craved sugar and a coke. I’m proud to say I have gone a week without sugar and bread I feel amazing!

The week of many firsts

I had many firsts this week, first was no cheat days or meals when doing a challenge. Usually I always do one a week, but I’m really challenging myself to not cheat this Whole 45 challenge and see how I feel. The second was not having popcorn, candy and pop at the movies, this was usually my cheat when I am doing challenges, only at the movies. But I talked to Caleb and Jason and they gave me some ideas of what I could eat instead, (don’t judge me breaking the rules by sneaking in healthy snacks). I chose pork rinds and Core water watermelon and lemon flavored. DELICIOUS.

When you are out and have no challenge food with you

The next night we went out to dinner, and I was nervous. I have liked knowing I have a DELICIOUS prepared meal ready in two min with no other temptations. However, we went to Longhorn (high quality dining) and I got a steak and broccoli. It was very tasty and I was full, and I had Keto at a restaurant! I MAY NEVER COOK FOR MYSELF AGAIN! Than we went to the movies again (A Star is Born, and I HIGHLY recommend it), went to Walgreens to get my water and pork rinds. They were OUT of pork rinds, some jerk took the last bag the night before (that jerk is me)! So I decided to try some nuts, I thought I grabbed a cashew and macadamia nut (the highest in good fat, per Jason) and called it good. We got into the movie I opened them up, grabbed a cashew COVERED in sugar!! I bought the wrong kind! So for the first time in my life I sat through a movie not eating ANYTHING and I LIVED TO TELL ABOUT IT!!!

Keep using the Facebook Challenge page for questions, tag us in your pics @evolve and use our hashtag #ievolve so we can see your Keto Evolution! New blog post coming atcha ya next week!

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